Unify your data and enable collaboration between your stakeholders while automating your workflows and reducing your operational costs
Jurisdiction Online is a Praeses hosted, web-based suite of software products supporting regulatory code enforcement workflows, risk management workflows, and the jurisdictional accounting needs associated with all regulatory activities.  Our solutions encourage collaboration between the public, regulatory agencies, and industry stakeholders through customer interfaces configured with a robust role-based security model that facilitates real-time access to data based on client controlled roles. Our products can be configured to support enterprise level permitting, inspections, violations, and licensing workflows or specifically deployed to support the unique needs of a single code enforcement department.  

Use proven, scalable solutions of a trusted business partner
Created in 2001, Jurisdiction Online has evolved into the preferred information management solution for state and local government regulation. Our products are utilized by more than 3,500 users, 31 state regulatory agencies, over 90 local jurisdictions, and multiple Fortune 500 and private sector companies. Daily, our system shares millions of records between users and organizations and processes millions of dollars for our jurisdictional clients.  

Secure your environment using patented designs
Jurisdiction Online’s architecture and delivery methods have received multiple patents for a variety of regulatory disciplines. Our solution is built in a modular fashion and can be configured to support a variety of functional needs— from permitting and inspection to licensing and registration, making it is easy to deploy and maintain.  We provide an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and give you the best solutions for a low cost.


Have you been forced to use a solution built for a different division that doesn't support your workflow?
The Jurisdiction Online suite of products is specifically built and configured to support the workflows of regulatory agencies and the industry participants they regulate. Being built with this “bottom up” focus, our products do not force you to adapt your workflow to a legacy design. Our modular design can be configured at an enterprise level to manage every workflow for a government agency or specifically deployed to support the unique needs of a single code enforcement department. Our suite of products also addresses jurisdictional accounting needs associated with regulatory activities.  

Boiler and Pressure Vessel
Patented Boiler and Pressure Vessel Product from Jurisdiction Online supports the entire workflow — from initial permitting to recurring inspections and certification— for regulatory departments, insurance companies, and other industry participants. We have configured and deployed our product for 31 states, 3 cities, and 13 large commercial insurance companies; enabling collaboration and improving public safety while providing workflow support for regulatory and risk management processes.    

Our Patented Elevator Product integrates licensing and registration into the permitting, inspection, and certification processes. Our advanced scheduling module allows for the centralized creation and information sharing of real-time, dynamic scheduling. We have configured and deployed this solution for 8 state regulatory agencies.

Jurisdiction Online’s Patented Amusement Ride Product supports the workflow of regulatory departments from initial ride registration to event scheduling and inspection. We have deployed Amusement in one state government agency. 

Building Code Enforcement
Our Building Code Enforcement Product offers a highly configurable and user friendly design to support land management workflows for government agencies. Our Building Code Enforcement product’s permitting, inspection, licensing, planning & zoning, and code enforcement modules are used in over 90 jurisdictions.


Optimize your workflow and customize your system by configuring Jurisdiction Online's modular solutions
Jurisdiction Online Solutions are completely customizable and with our extensive offering of modules, your program can support a wide variety of workflows.

To provide government agencies with proper registration and accountability for individuals and businesses that need licenses, we employ our Licensing module. Our search, editing, customized document creation and printing, and payment features add to the capabilities.

Our permitting module allows our users to register and account for new equipment being installed.  Through search, editing, and payment features, an otherwise manual process is completely streamlined.

As regulated objects require ongoing inspections, this module provides our users with real time information and access to inspections performed.  Inspectors also have access to customized worksheets for new inspections to be performed, increasing employee efficiency and decreasing time spent performing inspections.

Planning and Zoning
Through our Planning and Zoning module, we improve the process of approving and managing city planning and zoning initiatives. 

To coincide with the functions of the other modules, the Accounting portion acts as the watchdog to ensure correct and prompt invoicing and collection of applicable fees.

For our users who are constantly on the go, we offer a mobile version of our Jurisdiction Online Products, accessible via a handheld device.  Our Pocket application decreases the amount of time spent and paperwork needed for inspectors in the field.

Our scheduling module allows our clients to schedule and manage their regulatory workflows—for scheduling and tracking inspection visits in a centralized location.  This way, inspectors and administrators can update and add inspection visits in real time without added steps. 

Time and Expense Tracking
To support all solutions within our product line, we offer a module to capture time associated with work planning, report writing, and inspections among other activities. Clients can then manipulate workflows to make for more efficient use of employee time and expenses.

To meet the reporting needs of our supported government agencies, we offer a Reporting function. Detailed summaries can be generated from search output, and ad-hoc reports can be created with customized constraints. Reports can be generated to meet any specific need.

Online Portals
Our online portal acts as a meeting place for regulatory industry stakeholders. It allows for interaction and collaboration between these government agencies, commercial insurance carriers, and the public.  Now every vested party has access to the information pertinent to their business and agency processes.


Partner with a trusted business solutions provider

When you partner with Jurisdiction Online, you are partnering with a team of dedicated, friendly, and certified professionals.  Praeses is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner employing Microsoft Certified Software Engineers and PMI certified Project Managers.  We manage every detail of the rollout process from requirements gathering to post-rollout hosting, maintenance, and support.

Requirements Gathering, Project Management, and Development
We partner with our clients to understand workflows, form and field requirements, and challenges with existing operations to determine system requirements.  We then use our team of PMI certified project managers and Microsoft certified software engineers to build the project plan and design the solution. Once the solution is designed, we send it to our partner company for review and approval.

Configuration and Data Migration
Once our partner has approved the project plan and solution design, Jurisdiction Online is configured and customized to meet our partner’s requirements. While the solution is being configured, data is extracted from existing client systems and migrated into JO. The Jurisdiction Online team has successfully converted data for 31 state agencies, over 90 city/county jurisdictions, and 13 insurance carriers.  In addition, we regularly convert boiler and pressure vessel data from 18 state systems into Jurisdiction Online to accommodate the needs of our users.

We understand that one of the most critical aspects to a successful system implementation is training. User level training is focused on ensuring the users of the system not only know the features of the software, but know how to utilize the software to help them accomplish their primary functional tasks. With Jurisdiction Online, training is not merely the presentation of facts and information, but actually using the system in a test environment…this is a key step in the successful system implementation. This step establishes that the initial experiences with the system are successful and positive. These initial experiences form the attitudes that help the group overcome the reservations, hesitation, and normal resistance to “change,” and create a collaborative team more focused on ensuring the goals are accomplished. This is facilitated by providing the training to target groups: by application/division; by function within the division; by role within the division. We use certified technical trainers to conduct hands-on training sessions, and have trained over 3,500 users on Jurisdiction Online. 

Hosting, Maintenance, and Support
Once our partners are trained, our job really just begins! Our team of customer support representatives and account managers have unmatched industry and system knowledge, and are here to provide sound, friendly guidance to our partners. Since we host Jurisdiction Online for our partners, we continuously monitor and update the system to protect against external security threats. In addition, Jurisdiction Online is continuously updated and partners receive the latest version each time they logon. Our professionals are always just a phone call or email away from solving our partners’ concerns.

Technology Partners

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Praeses represents the highest level of competence and expertise utilizing Microsoft development technologies, and has the closest possible working relationship with Microsoft.

In order to maintain gold certification, Microsoft's rigorous continual evaluation requires Praeses to also maintain the highest level of customer survey satisfaction results. The ability to constantly adapt to changing technologies, continually supply value, and provide operational solutions for its clients has continued to earn Praeses this recognition.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Contract Partners

Jurisdiction Online is now part of the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) contract.  Contracts may be used by state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. Resellers are not available for this contract.

For more information, visit the contract page

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