Introducing Connote™


Introducing Connote™


Connote™ is a cloud-based software solution built to reverse engineer complex software systems.

It is a series of capabilities that parse, analyze, model, and visually present systems for you… automatically. Over time, as enterprises grow and their missions change, so do requirements for their software systems. Organizations need to modify, add, or completely replace software. However, legacy systems are typically huge, have evolved over time, and have been developed and maintained by multiple teams.


Strengthened Productivity

System modernization is costly, labor-intensive, and risk-prone. Without a blueprint of how your systems work and interconnect, it may be impossible for anyone—even the smartest software engineer—to figure out. Connote automatically and seamlessly provides your team with the knowledge they need to work optimally.

Heightened Efficiency

Whether you are integrating another system into your current one or replacing a legacy system, Connote lets you meet your business objectives faster. Running Connote on target software code can save thousands of hours of scoping and analysis.

Connote is a powerful tool that brings order and logic to the complex software systems of companies across many industries.

  • Banking

  • Logistics and transportation

  • Federal, state, and local government

  • Aerospace and defense

  • Manufacturing

  • Consulting sector

Want to find out how Connote can transform your operations?

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